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Sweet Gypsy Coffee grew from the desire to sell amazingly good beverages and offer fresh-roasted coffee from all over the world. We began with one idea in mind --- to simply focus on creating great beverages. For us, it's all about sharing our love of good coffee and our passion for making the very best.

We traveled to art and music festivals, forming a business model of excellence that has all but disappeared. We finally settled near Asheville, NC, but still travel to local festivals, offering hand-squeezed artisan lemonades, cold-brewed iced coffees, and of course, our fresh-roasted beans. Every beverage is still made from scratch --- every cup, every time.

It may sound a bit simplistic to follow the adage of "Good Stuff In, Good Stuff Out" in a market driven by profit, but it's how we work and what you can expect from us. We are Lisa, David, and Alan, brought together by our drive to make coffee that's noticeably different, quite a bit tastier, and a whole lot fresher.

We are Sweet Gypsy Coffee, offering only the best --- every cup, every time.
Sweet Gypsy coffee founders Lisa, David, and Alan