Experience Sweet Gypsy Coffee!

Walk in and smell the aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans.  Taste an exquisite cup of Brazilian coffee, a latte using real chai, or a mocha from in-house chocolate syrup. Order a fresh-baked pastry and chat with the barista who will quickly become a friend. Ask about the latest latte art or specialty drink creation (Honey Badger Latte anyone?) Settle in and relax. You have found your coffee shop.

Sweet Gypsy Coffee’s reputation is having the best cup of coffee in Hendersonville. That’s because the owners, Lisa and David, are coffee roasters. That exquisite cup of coffee is brewed from fair trade organic beans that are fresh-roasted daily.

At Sweet Gypsy Coffee, excellence extends to everything we offer:

  • chai made from scratch using fresh oranges, ginger, and spices
  • smoothies blended from only real fruit
  • fresh-squeezed lemonade and limeade (in the summertime)
  • pastries from all natural ingredients baked fresh each morning
  • single-origin coffee beans from all over the world roasted to your roast profile

For the owners and baristas at Sweet Gypsy Coffee, it’s all about sharing a love of good coffee and a passion for making the very best.