About Sweet Gypsy Coffee in Hendersonville NC

About Sweet Gypsy Coffee

Back in 2010, a couple of vagabonds took up the gypsy life, roaming to art and music festivals, selling iced and frozen coffee, whole coffee beans, real lemonade, and fresh fruit smoothies. Lisa and David traveled to the Texas State Fiddler’s Championship near Austin, the La Porte County Fair just south of Chicago, the Deerfield Art Festival just north of Fort Lauderdale, and many points in between. That’s half of how they got the “gypsy” name.  The other half is that Lisa is of Hungarian descent and David affectionately refers to her as “my sweet gypsy girl.”

Finally settling in Hendersonville, Lisa and David loved living near the mountains, hiking the forests trails, and especially seeing the waterfalls! From their roasting facility just out of town, they supplied fresh-roasted beans to coffee shops and restaurants in the area. Eventually they found the perfect shop location just off the beaten path with plenty of parking on Church Street and a nearly parking lot. Sweet Gypsy Coffee shop was born!

Lisa and David want Sweet Gypsy Coffee to be your “third place,” a place you go to that is not home and not work. Home is your first place and work is your second place. When you meet and hang out at Sweet Gypsy Coffee, you are in your “third place,” a place to read, a place to chat, a fun place, a relaxing place. The clean and cozy atmosphere, the patio garden room, and the friendly service are all make you feel that Sweet Gypsy Coffee is YOUR place to enjoy.