Caring About The Environment

Sweet Gypsy Coffee Cares

Because we know you care about the environment, we turn every bit of organic material, from coffee grounds to banana peels, into compost. We then use the compost to nourish our flowers! Our hot drinks are always served in recycled paper cups. Our cold drinks are served in compostable corn-based plastic cup when possible. Your empty paper and plastic cups can then be recycled again. Thanks for doing your part.

The Third Wave of Coffee

Craft Coffee Third Wave

There is a coffee revolution brewing! The third wave of coffee refers to the current movement to consider coffee as an artisan beverage, like fine wine. Coffee’s first wave put Maxwell House “good to the last drop” coffee on America’s tables in the 1800’s. The second wave of coffee spread from the west coast across the nation with the rise of drinking grande mocha lattes in specialty coffee shops. Coffee’s third wave involves improving all stages of production from better coffee plant growing, harvesting, and processing to micro-roasting single-origin coffee beans to precise brewing techniques that produce an exquisite cup.