Our Mission at Sweet Gypsy Coffee

Sweet Gypsy Coffee is dedicated to creating a “third place” where our customers can enjoy exquisitely fresh coffee, house-made chai, just-baked pastries from scratch, and fresh-roasted fair trade organic coffee beans in a relaxed friendly atmosphere while seeking to sustain the environment and promote the uniqueness of Hendersonville.

We began with one idea in mind — to share our love of great coffee and our passion for making the very best. It may sound a bit simplistic to follow the adage of “Good Stuff In, Good Stuff Out” in a market driven by profit, but it’s how we work and what you can expect from us. We strive for excellence, driven to make coffee that’s noticeably different, quite a bit tastier, and a whole lot fresher.

Our coffees, teas, chai spices, and Dutch cocoa are Fair Trade Organic (FTO). Organic ingredients make the tastiest food and keep our environment healthier. Fair Trade is an attempt to find lasting solutions to poverty for the small-scale farmers and their families who grow the crops that make our wonderful products. By supporting the Fair Trade Organic movement, Sweet Gypsy Coffee creates the healthiest best-tasting beverages AND a better world.

Because we are passionate about sustaining the environment, Sweet Gypsy Coffee turns every bit of organic material produced, from coffee grounds to banana peels, into compost. Our hot drinks are always served in recycled paper cups. Our cold drinks are served in compostable corn-based plastic cup when possible. Empty paper and plastic cups are then recycled again!

We are Sweet Gypsy Coffee, offering only the best, hoping to make your day a little brighter and the world a little better, one cup at a time.