On September 2nd, Sweet Gypsy Coffee will close its door for the last time.
We can’t thank all of you enough for an amazing 5 years.
This community has been so loving and supportive to the whole SGC team, we’ll remember every one of you!

This is the end of a chapter, but not the story.
We’ll keep you updated as the day gets closer.

From David, Lisa and the whole Sweet Gypsy Coffee team,
sincerely and from the bottoms of our hearts, thank you.

Sweet Gypsy Coffee Store

The Sweet Gypsy Coffee Shop

Sweet Gypsy Coffee is located at 431 N Church St in Hendersonville North Carolina, and offers Hendersonville natives and vacationers a memorable coffee experience. Regular customers drop in and ask for a pound of “their beans.” New visitors leave with a smile saying, “I’ll be back!” Owner David loves to “talk coffee” with customers.  He is committed to educating customers informally and through regular classes on how to create the perfect cup, from buying and storing to grinding and brewing to cupping. Sweet Gypsy Coffee is an enthusiastic ambassador for Hendersonville, a shining example of the unique that Hendersonville has to offer.

Every day Sweet Gypsy Coffee offers fresh-roasted whole coffee beans in 1 pound quantities , including Sumatra, Chiapas, and Cerrado coffee beans. Customers can place an order for next-day delivery of any variety and any applicable roast profile. The Sweet Gypsy beverage menu is: In addition to our beans, here is the Sweet Gypsy Coffee menu:

  • hot coffee
  • espresso drinks – Americano, cappuccino, latte, breve, mocha, espresso shot (whole milk, 2% milk, almond milk, soy milk)
  • chai latte
  • hot cocoa
  • hot and cold apple cider (fall and winter)
  • hot Zhena Gypsy tea – several varieties
  • iced coffee, iced mocha, iced vanilla coffee
  • iced latte, chai iced latte
  • mocha frappe, vanilla frappe
  • all-fruit strawberry smoothie, all-fruit mango smoothie
  • fresh-squeezed lemonade, fresh-squeezed limeade (summer)
  • iced tea, chai iced tea
  • Italian sodas
  • flavor shots
  • water, Mexican Coke, Coke, diet Coke, Sprite, seltzer water

For our customers, home is their ‘first place” and work is their “second place.” We want them to think of Sweet Gypsy Coffee as their “third place,” a place to read, a place to chat, to relax and have some fun. We strive to create a clean, cozy atmosphere with friendly staff. In front of the shop we have outdoor seating with Hendersonville’s beautiful hanging baskets of flowers in view.  Entering the shop, we have a bar area facing he window where our customers can work on their computers of just sit and daydream. We have seating with tables near the coffee bar and several stools at the coffee bar itself for if anyone wants to chat with their barista. Going through the shop and out the back door we have a covered outdoor garden area with wisteria surrounding the outside where our customers can sit with their dogs and enjoy the fresh air. We want our customers to feel that Sweet Gypsy Coffee is their place.